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Flower Garden Mould

Flower Garden Mould

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"Turn your garden into an outdoor paradise with our plastic paving moulds".

Thanks to the ease of use of our molds, you can pave your garden

yourself without having to call in expensive professionals. Plastic

molds  are flexible and durable, so you can reuse them as often as


Key Features:

Durable Material:

Made of premium plastic for long-lasting use.

Easy to Use:

Simply mix cement, sand, and water, fill the mould, smooth the

surface, and release.


Clean with a garden hose and reuse immediately.

Custom Design:

Shaped like a maple leaf, creating unique, stone-like blocks for a

personalized garden path.


Color: as shown.

Material: Plastic.

 Size: Approx. 25 x 25 x 5 cm.

Made of premium material, sturdy and durable.


-Cost-Effective: Save money by avoiding professional paving services.

-Personalized Garden: Create a unique and beautiful pathway that reflects your style.

-Versatile Use: Ideal for patios, paths, courtyards, pedestrian walkways, and paved driveways.


1-Mix cement, sand, and water.

2-Fill the mould with the mixed concrete.

3-Smooth the surface.

4-Release the mould to reveal the stone-like block.


1-Use a wetter concrete mix for lower-level stones.

2-Use a stiffer concrete mix for higher-level stones.

3-Do not wait until the concrete is fully dry before removing the mould.


We highly recommend buying more than one mould to complete your

project faster!

Applicable Places:

-Sidewalks: Enhance sidewalks with beautiful flower patterns.

-Paths: Create stunning garden paths through lush green spaces.

-Patios: Design cozy patio areas with decorative flower paving stones.

-Picnic Areas: Upgrade picnic spots in parks with unique flower-shaped walkways.


1-The mold is reusable. You can clean them by spraying them with a garden hose.

2-The molds can be reused immediately after pouring the first garden

stepping stone, so there's no need to wait (don't wait until it's 100%

dry, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove).

3-The thickness of the concrete can vary according to your garden

stepping stone requirements. A wetter concrete mix for concrete

molds is used to achieve garden stepping stones with a ground/lower

level, and a stiffer concrete mix is used to achieve garden stepping

stones with a stone/higher level.


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