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Solar Motion Lights Outdoor, 138 LED 1600LM

Solar Motion Lights Outdoor, 138 LED 1600LM

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Super bright and 360° rotatable projectors

This outdoor solar wall lamp has 3 heads with 122/138 LEDS that can

be rotated 360° to provide good light coverage and you can easily

orient the heads in the direction you want.

Practicing environmentalism

The production of solar energy, charging during the day and lighting

during the night, energy saving and environmental sustainability,

without having to worry about the electricity bill.

Worry-free outdoor use

Made of polycrystalline silicon, high-quality ABS plastic and safety

electronics with charge/discharge protection, IP65 waterproof,

excellent weather resistance for worry-free use in rainy, snowy or hot

weather and long service life.

PIR Sensor & 3 PIR modes

The outdoor solar lights turn on automatically at night. There are three modes of operation :

1. induction mode (strong light when people arrive, the light goes out 20-25S after people leave).

2. Induction and micro-light mode (strong light when people arrive, micro-light when people leave, always illuminated when it's dark).

3. Micro-light without induction mode, 50% of micro-light.

Universal three-LED outdoor solar wall lamp

Ideal for outdoors, gardens, driveways, front doors, walls, streets,

garages, sidewalks, terraces, backyards and windows.



Sabona solar light outdoor is must-have product for house illumination and security. 

There are 3 optional lighting mode: motion actived, constant medium

light, bright light with motion detected, offering you a more energy

saving lifestyle and satisfying your lighting demands. They're easy to

maintain due to its durable housing material and ability to withstand

all kind of weathers outside. Specification:

Number of LED beads: 138
Solar Panel: 5.6* 3.3 inch
Light Panel: 11 X 2.8 inch
Wire Length: 16.4ft
Lighting Angle: 360°
Waterproof level: IP65
Sensing Angle: 120°
Sensing Distance: 3-5M (10ft - 17ft)
Housing Material: ABS+PC
Lighting time: 20s


1. The always on mode 3 is constant medium light, and it can only come on for 4-5 continuous hours. We suggest you to use mode 1 or mode 2, in order to save the battery power;
2. A full charge requires up to 8 hours of sunlight in mounting location;
3. Please remove the protective film of solar panel before charge;

4. It's recommended to install the solar lights in outdoor places away

from shade caused by trees, building and etc., so that it can ensure

they absorb enough sunlight. You can install them at a height of 6.5-8

FT over the ground;
5. If it has been rainy or short of enough sunlight for several days, the

lights might not light up at night due to lack of power. Please charge

them at least 8 hours when the sun comes out;

6. With light sensor on the solar panel, the lights will not turn on in

daytime or in location near light source. After they take in sufficient

sunlight, you can cover the solar panel by hand to test on or off status.

Package list:

 Solar Motion Lights
 Solar Panels(including 16.4Ft Cable)
 Expansion Pillar-hinge
Installing Screws
User Manual

Product received a certificate for high-tech products and incorporated multiple functions in 2023.

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