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Pathmate Stone Paving

Pathmate Stone Paving

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Excellent and perfect for creating roadways, driveways, paths,

patios, picnic areas and other outdoor improvements

Join over 100,000 satisfied women and men who adore their purchase, and we are certain you will love it too.

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Easy to Use and Rational Design

No experience is needed to use these concrete molds, with a built-in

bevel on the top side, these cement molds for driveways are designed

to form a nice rounded edge on concrete pavers

Fun and creative DIY:

This concrete mold also gives you room to express yourself artistically.

You can decorate the top with hand prints, seashells, river rocks,

pebbles, or different colors, with this concrete paver mold, it's up to

you to create the paths as you like


This path mold makes it easier and much less expensive than buying

real pavers, also as a reusable concrete mold, you can clean it with

water after use, then use this mold to concrete next time

Strong Material for Re-use

With durable reusable PP Resin material ad can be reused after cleaning tough plastic construction, you can use it at least 1600 times

Very Easy to Use it

Step 1 - mixing cement with sand small grains and water.

Step 2 - filling the mold with finished wet concrete plenty.

Step 3 - smoothing the molds surface, ensure looks better.

Step 4 - taking the mold away.


 Material: PP resin

Color : Black

Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 4cm

Shape: Irregular

Package included:1 x Pavé Mold



1-The mold is reusable. You can clean them by spraying them with a garden hose.

2-The molds can be reused immediately after pouring the first garden

stepping stone, so there's no need to wait (don't wait until it's 100%

dry, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove).

3-The thickness of the concrete can vary according to your garden

stepping stone requirements. A wetter concrete mix for concrete

molds is used to achieve garden stepping stones with a ground/lower

level, and a stiffer concrete mix is used to achieve garden stepping

stones with a stone/higher level.

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